Whistle-blower’s Grim Tale:
Naughty Boys on Wall Street

Antilla’s meticulously researched book … throws a
light on how, as a Minneapolis civil-rights lawyer puts it,
“Wall Street is thirty years behind every other industry or profession” when it comes to women.

Tales from the Boom-Boom Room: Women vs. Wall Street, by Susan Antilla. Bloomberg Press, 384 pages, $26.95.

Back in 1984, a young woman walked into the Garden City, N.Y., branch of Shearson / American Express, looking for a job as a stockbroker. Her first interview was so lavishly abusive that she thought it must be a put-on, but her second seemed normal enough-until she noticed her would-be boss sporting a handgun in an ankle holster, buddy-cop style. Read Entire Review

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